Minimal Modeling substack is dedicated to in-depth discussion of all kinds of topics related to the database modeling.

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Table of contents (work in progress)

General principles


  • Primary data

  • Secondary data

  • Time-series data

Minimal modeling

  • Nouns

    • Existence;

  • Attributes

  • Relations

Data types

Schema catalog


Knowledge management

Physical representation

Schema evolution

Data management techniques

Modeling common tasks

Secondary data

  • Change tracking;

  • Replication;

  • Indexes;

  • Catalog of secondary data;

Classical relational model

Software development

  • ORM design: pt. I;

  • Data dependencies;

Stakeholders and their concerns

  • Development managers;

  • database administrators;

  • physical storage management;

  • storage budgeting;

  • PII compliance (GDPR); 

  • financial compliance (SOX); 

  • payments compliance (PCI DSS);

  • software developers;

  • Devops;

  • internal compliance;

  • Security;

  • data scientists.

About the author

I started working with databases around 1996. The idea of this Substack has been brewing for few years already.

Super-short CV: software developer (+database administrator) — team lead — project manager — head of software development (150+ people) — burned out — dinosaur.

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